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How People Unintentionally Escalate Conflict in Your Nonprofit

Team members who are invested in a mission that impacts communities and the world for good are fueled with passion for important causes. It is normal and healthy to expect conflict, but engaging it meaningfully can establish a safe work culture where all voices are represented. It’s not always natural to have these tools available, but I would love to equip your listeners with effective strategies they can implement tomorrow!

Carol Bowser

Carol Bowser

Carol Bowser, J.D is a workplace conflict expert. After practicing Employment Law for several years, Carol founded Conflict Management Strategies when she realized a lawsuit can’t deliver the level of resolution and satisfaction that is gained when people are actively involved in creating solutions to their workplace conflict. Carol’s clients come with a wide range of employers because conflict is universal across all industries and types of organizations. Where there are people, there is conflict. The key is to help people recognize and address conflict before it damages working relationships and creates organizational drag. In her over 20 years of experience, she has discovered some universal themes about workplace conflict and loves to share how people at all levels can strengthen their conflict resolution muscles.

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