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Living an Extraordinary Life:
Interview with Robert White

Robert White

Robert White

Robert White was raised in poverty and with much abuse. Dropped out of college after one semester due to the first of three heart attacks. Went on to found and lead two high-impact experiential learning companies with over one million graduates. Retired at 46 to a 14,500 sf home in Aspen. Then lost it all with lots of learning from business failure and divorce — mostly unpleasant experiences. Now work as a mentor to executives committed to living extraordinary lives of success, joy, and satisfaction. Returned in 2020 from six years doing leadership training and mentoring executives in China.

Robert Shares: I’ve been on six non-profit boards and learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work in that unique opportunity to serve and lead. For several years my company provided free seats in our premium leadership training, VisionQuest. There I noticed many well-intentioned leaders of nonprofits were close to burn-out, felt unappreciated for their sacrifice, and their personal lives suffered from their commitment.

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Living An ExtraOrdinary Life

Living an Extraordinary Life

It’s all about moving yourself and your organization from ordinary to extraordinary … living the life you were born to live. Here’s your opportunity to look at why some people live fulfilled, successful lives, while others seem to find contentment and success just out of reach. Robert’s best-selling books and award-winning audio program reveal an author who can help you explore what works – and doesn’t work – in creating your extraordinary life. 

Ken Blanchard

“Living an Extraordinary Life” is an extraordinary book!
This will have a positive impact on your life and on the lives of others when you read it.”
—Ken Blanchard, author, The One-Minute Manager

John Denver

“Robert gave me a clearer sense of what my life is about, what is possible, what an incredible gift life is. I’m very proud of the songs I

wrote to celebrate my experience of working with my friend Robert White: “Higher Ground” and “The Gift You Are” — John Denver, Singer, Songwriter, Activist

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