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Inspiring Your Audience by Sharing Success Stories

Aron Murch

Aron Murch

Is your audience confused about what you do? It might feel uncomfortable but the solution is to be more direct about sharing your messaging. You’re creating a ton of impact in your community and to create even more impact, people need to be aware of everything you’re accomplishing. When you’re giving everything to your cause, it’s okay and even beneficial to brag a little bit. By defining your audience and sharing success stories you can show your impact in a way that lifts up your community and engages your network.

As co-owner of 2H Media, Aron specializes in helping non-profits engage their audiences with video-driven websites that eliminate confusion and drive leads. Aron Murch works with a wide range of nonprofits including accelerators and charities that want to achieve higher engagement with their communities. He ran his first fundraiser when he was 12 years old, and has never lost his passion for supporting great causes.

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