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Leadership Excellence and Accountability with Jeffrey Magee

Dr. Jeffrey Magee, Ph. D.

Dr. Jeffrey Magee, Ph. D.

Dr. Jeffrey Magee has been called one of today’s leading “Leadership & Marketing Strategists.” Jeff works with C-Suite, Business Leaders, Military Generals & CEO2CEO Peer Groups across America. He is an author of more than 20 books, three college graduate management text books, four best sellers, and is the Publisher of PERFORMANCE/P360 Magazine. Former Co-Host of the national business entrepreneur program on Catalyst Business Radio and a Human Capital Developer for more than twenty years.

Jeff is an experienced and entertaining keynote speaker – having spoken at hundreds of seminars and conferences across North America.

Jeff’s high-energy style is on full display while delivering his hurricane-paced insight, humor, and real-world experience. Speaking on topics relating to his “Big 3 Areas” – Personal Professional Growth, Sales Mastery, and Leadership.

Jeff regularly works with individuals, small groups, and large onganizations – helping them to achieve their goals. Through 1 on 1 coaching or a variety of consulting services, Jeff will work with you in a way that best fits your situation and your needs.

Read more below about the specific programs and focus areas that Jeff is best equipped to help you make the biggest impact.

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0:02 – Hugh Ballou This is Hugh Ballou. This is the Nonprofit Exchange. We’re here every week, and we have interesting guests. And certainly, today’s guest is, we could say, the least important thing is interesting. Put on your seatbelt. We’re going to talk about empowered leadership, and it may take several nuances. So, Dr. Jeff McGee, welcome to the Nonprofit Exchange. And tell people, there’s some people that don’t know you, tell people a little bit about your background, who you are.

0:31 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Good to see you. And David, good to see you as well. And to all of those of you following us out in virtual land, welcome. Background, I grew up to be a journalist. That was my passion. Before I went to college, I had already over 1,000 articles published in a major city newspaper. So it was kind of an anomaly. That got me a great scholarship and an athletic scholarship to go to college. And after college, I spent some time in Kansas City and print business newsprint and in broadcast.

0:58 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee And one day, I just kind of quickly recognized journalism was a very negative, toxic, bitter, bullying industry. And that wasn’t a part of my DNA, so I had to leave it. Fortunately, it has changed over the past 40 years. It’s not that way at all, huh? We’re tempted here. It’s like, if you can’t get a real job, become a journalist, evidently, because they don’t teach you journalism skills today. Every time I see people on TV, it makes my head spin to think about some of my professors. I had some phenomenal professors at the a small private college I went to in Kansas called Baker University.

1:29 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee Part of its claim to fame was in the journalistic industry, the Sigma Delta Chi, which is the Society for Professional Journalists, Pulliam Foundation, their roots were Baker University. So with that, though, I went into sales. Again, I always tell people if you’re unemployed, you’re only unemployed because you want to be. There’s always a job in this great country, and one is always in sales. There’s always a need for someone to do the sales side of every business. Of course, you’re not real good.

1:56 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee You won’t stay in that job. So I went into sales out of necessity, not design. It wasn’t my career passion. Let’s jump forward several decades. So I’ve owned businesses that have been very successful, made me a lot of money. I’ve had some businesses are complete disasters. I lost my underwear on them. So I’ve seen both sides of the spectrum, signed paychecks, done performance reviews. I always say that you want to be an empowered leader back to your objective in today’s talk. It is stunning today in a post-COVID world.

2:21 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee We’ll just use LinkedIn as an example. It’s the number 1 social media platform for business professionals. There’s more people using it than any other platform. It’s also the number 1 job search platform. So it’s a great tool at the time we’re recording this. What is sad, though, is a number of people that have never signed a paycheck, never done a performance review, never made payroll that are out there trying to give leadership advice and counsel and coaching. It seems like if you can’t perfect keeping a job, you become a coach on LinkedIn.

2:48 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee It seems like it’s stunning. Click on someone’s profile and very quickly see how much of a loser they are, or if they’ve actually ever done anything in life. That might offend some people, but that’s okay. That’s my style to be honest and blunt. Not offensive, but honest and blunt. So in that, I’ve written 33 books, 21 languages, four bestsellers, four graduate textbooks. I’ve written curriculum for some of the national largest training companies out there, CareerTrack, Fred Pryor, SkillPath, National Seminars, and hundreds of other trainers have learned my IP and have presented it to the world.

3:18 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee And I just have a lot of fun working with businesses. My primary market is private businesses, typically around a quarter of a billion to six billion in size. I work with a senior leadership team on leadership development, second tier of human capital that they’re growing and developing for their emerging leadership pipeline, written a lot of books, and travel the world speaking, training, and helping people be more effective. And you’re my connection for the world. And David, you’ve got a publication as well, but I publish a magazine called Professional Performance Magazine, 17 co-publishers in that brand.

3:51 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee One of them is the nonprofit edition that Hugh is the publisher of And that gives me a chance to interact with phenomenal personalities about success. And that brings us today emerging leaders. There’s a planet need for them, but to be an emerging leader to be an empowered leader. To be an effective leader isn’t worth a damn if you don’t use the word accountability and responsibility. And that’s why the entire planet seems to have lost its frickin’ head in the last couple of months.

4:19 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee There’s no accountability. You don’t need to create a new law. How about enforce it? You’ve just, in essence, defiled and painted and graffitied and defaced public property. There’s a fine and a prison sentence. I think it’s about time we toss people off the planet. Get them out of here. Or hold them accountable. I’m preaching to the choir and you’re doing the orchestra directing, you’re right. People are not held accountable and that’s why we have our problems. There you go.

4:44 – Hugh Ballou And leader above all. So this is the baton that I give corporate leaders. It’s called conducting transformation. So let’s talk about myths. You know, the myth about a conductor is that they’re a dictator. Well, I got to tell you, you got a bunch of union players out there who are pretty cocky. They’re very skilled. And you step on the podium. Podium is the thing you stand on, by the way. And people call an electorate a podium. But you got the little white stick. You think you can make anybody do anything?

5:12 – Hugh Ballou So there’s leaders in companies that think they want to bully people and make them do things, but it really has a negative effect. And there’s the thing in the military, and you work with a lot of military groups, that in combat, if your platoon doesn’t respect you, they’re likely to shoot you in the back. And I know every day there’s corporate leaders that get shot in the back and they don’t even know it. So what are some of the myths? I don’t know if you agree with any of those, but those are the misses.

5:37 – Hugh Ballou I see them. What do you see? Some of the myths about leadership? 100%.

5:41 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee Agree with everything you said. Again, a person will work for a dictator. When they see no other option or opportunity, a person will stay with a dictator. They’ll stay in a bad situation when they don’t possess the intellectual capacity to see a solution through the wall in front of them. It’s never a wall. It’s simply a sliding door. People do not grasp that. They see all these obstacles. They’re never an obstacle. It’s an opportunity. There’s your cliche and a myth. It is an opportunity.

6:08 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee So how do you see things differently? So in 1979, President Jimmy Carter created the U.S. Department of Education. In theory, phenomenal concept. Problem is that 100 years before him, one of our presidents did the exact same thing. He created the Department of Education. That lasted about one month until he realized this was a complete frickin’ nightmare and could not be, in essence, managed to accomplish its objective. And he basically unbundled it. Well, The element of what President Carter created, let me defend this concept, because actually it’s brilliant.

6:39 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee If David and where he lives in his city, in his state, in his country on this planet, and Hugh in your city, in your state, in your country on this planet, and Jeff McGee in my city, in my state, in my country on the planet, we were to go to an appliance store and buy a new television set, made by any major brand. We would expect that product to be warrantied, and as a minimum, operate the way it’s been advertised as a brand to perform, no matter where we bought it. You go into McDonald’s to buy a Big Mac in Idaho, it costs $16 as of today, that’s interesting.

7:11 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee So if someone says we’re not in a recession, but that’s okay, because it’s gonna illustrate my point. Anyone who doesn’t think we’re in a recession is a product of a failed K-12 system, and that’s what a living proof of a moron looks like, So, you buy a Big Mac in your state, Dave buys one in his state, I buy one in mine, and we expect that Big Mac to taste like that brand has advertised it to taste. And that’s why the TV company stays in business, and so does the McDonald’s Big Mac. Now, K-12 education.

7:36 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee As a minimum, if any one of the three of us were to hire a high school graduate in anywhere we are in this country, as a minimum, that student is a product, and that product should operate as a minimum, just like the child in the other state. Why is it that, in essence, David can have a phenomenal public K-12 system? Because there are some great public schools. So why is it David has great public schools in his state and in his town, and so there’s not really a proliferation of private schools, Christian schools, and homeschooling because there’s no need Because these people are actually doing the job they’re paid to do, because these teachers are empowered leaders themselves, and they have something called integrity and pride and accountability, that they may have an opinion, but they’re only going to share that opinion once the child’s been educated to think critically and know a fact from fiction and reality from garbage, then the teacher might give their opinion.

8:21 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee Now, Hugh, your state’s 50-50. Some of your schools are great, and the others kind of suck. But I won’t mention I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, because that wouldn’t be nice. So basically, all of our schools suck. So that’s why there’s a proliferation of all these private schools and homeschooling, because, again, the public schools are terrible. Okay, that comes back to your point about myths and how we get to where we are. So if we want to be successful, leadership comes back to, and I just used that as a quick case study example, it has to go back to accountability.

8:46 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee So why is it then in David School District when they have parent teacher conference night in the fall and in the spring, you can’t find a place to park a car one mile from the school because every parent is there talking to the teachers, finding out how’s my child doing? How do we help them become better? Why are they not excelling in this? How can I help you as a teacher? How do we make sure that this school is safe so there’s not a bunch of crap and graffiti and gangsters so kids can come and just be kids and learn?

9:09 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee So see, David’s school district’s doing it right. And then Hugh, it’s a 50-50 crap shoot in your state. Some schools are that way and some are terrible. You have a parent-teacher night, no one shows up. Everyone blames the teachers for every problem out there because they took time to create the child, so that was about a five-second event. But they forget the next 18 years and they never go to take care of the kids, so the school’s babysitting. And in my city, it’s a complete nightmare everywhere.

9:29 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee So again, We don’t have consistency because we don’t have accountability. Or if we had accountability, we’re not holding people accountable to accountability and we allow people to have excuses. I don’t know about you, but I guess we’re three old white guys, so that pisses off half of our listeners right now. So again, let’s play this game through. I bet all three of us when we were little kids have the same experience and our parents didn’t even know each other. I bet within five questions, David, when you came home with a little kid from school, when you first saw your parents, whatever time that was, and Hugh, I bet again, within the first five questions when you came home from school, your parents asked you something like, do you have homework?

10:03 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee True or false? Yep. What did you learn today? True or false? I mean, just those two right off the top meant parents were holding themselves accountable to be a damn parent and engage with their kid so they could create a better human being in a person in that community. Today, it stuns me when parents actually don’t know their child has skipped school for today or the last week or the last month. See, there’s no accountability. No one’s held accountable. Nobody, that’s why I love it when a child does something wrong and the parents are also held accountable.

10:29 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee You don’t see that child doing something wrong again. Maryland, last rant to answer your question. So I’m in Baltimore, Maryland, working with the Army National Guard several years ago, and they had that huge riots that were going on. I don’t remember if you remember that one mom was on national TV, happened to wear a yellow shirt, David, like you’re wearing, but I call that the mom of the frickin’ century. You saw her on the TV in her yellow shirt, walking across the street, grabbing her son and taking him home and saying, we don’t do this, we don’t act this way.

10:53 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee See, that’s accountability. So where were all those other parents? The mayor, the mayor said we have to give people room to riot. That’s accountability. She should have been immediately arrested. But no, we have no guts. That’s why we have our problems. So when you talk about leadership, yes, I get very excited because one of the key elements that goes with leadership is accountability.

11:11 – Hugh Ballou Hey, man, now,

11:12 – David Dunworth Dr. Jeff,

11:14 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee Take a value, okay?

11:15 – David Dunworth Why are you sugarcoating it? Tell us how you really feel.

11:19 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee Yes, and I wish I could have more of those platforms, but the reality is we have a lot of people in leadership roles in this country that actually their resume screams employee at the highest level of their stature. That’s a great 1 David. You just nailed it. But no 1 has the guts to take a step back. And say, wait a second, if we put you in a leadership role and you don’t know how to execute that role, the toxicity that comes out of that is going to be enormous. It becomes cancerous to the organization.

11:46 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee And what it does, it shifts. And now since all the terrorists in the organization think it’s payday for them and all the Transformers say, I’m out of here and they go somewhere else.

11:54 – Hugh Ballou Great observation. Let me definition of terms. When Jeff used the word suck, it’s it’s halfway to success. You get part way and you don’t make it. Am I right?

12:04 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee That’s exact. So I got a little pen. It’s in a key and it says attitude. Attitude is your key to success. And so Hugh and I have shared some stages at CEO conferences over the past 20 years. And that was one of my and still is one of my go to lines. If you take the word success and put a bracket around the first three letters, it’s phonetically a suck. So again, would you prefer to suck or do you prefer to be successful? Because it’s the same amount of energy to go to either destination. Same amount of energy to go to either destination.

12:33 – Hugh Ballou Well, it’s the persistence to finish it and to stay with it because, you know, if you’ve grounded yourself in knowledge and principles. And then you’ve surrounded yourself with people that are supporting you. You know, most of us have teams that are. Below us, and my motto is, if you’re the best person on your team, get a new team.

12:51 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee You just said something profound. Not only that last statement, if you’re the best person on your team, get a new team. And again, sometimes you graduate to there and then you have to have the awareness to realize, I’ve got to hold myself accountable. It is time to, again, the buzzword of the past decade, level up, stand up, step up, whatever you want to call it. But you want to change your teams. I mean, you and I have a friend of ours, Les Brown, one of the top motivational speakers and inspirational gentlemen on the planet.

13:16 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee And I share a concept. And again, he and I have spoken on way too many stages to think of But I call it the Les Brown rule. Again, would Les Brown do this? And again, as a motivational speaker, no, he wouldn’t. Why would you then? Would Les Brown say this? No, then why are you saying it? So again, change it up. Now, another piece of this, again, for those people who actually did get a good K-12 education, there was a gentleman, his name was President Ronald Reagan. Again, Ronald Reagan was a president in this country.

13:43 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee He was not the first president, he was just a president. It is stunning that students actually, when asked that question, would answer with something like, wasn’t he the first president of the United States? It’s like, again, every teacher you had should be fired at that moment, and they should all lose their retirement pension fund. You sucked. You’re not going to live on it. But with that said, he had a comment. A-level people surround themselves with A-level people. Listen.

14:07 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee Be level people surround themselves with C’s. And there’s your very problem on the planet. You should always be around people you can help up. Yes. Be around people at your level. Yes. But be around people that will help you to be a better you every day that are pushing you because they may see within you attributes that you’re missing. Or sometimes we all have a negative self-doubt talk. We all have a, you know, can I really do this? And again, if you have good advocates, mentors, champions, sponsors, you know, whatever word you want to use around you, they’ll level you up, which goes back to empowered leadership.

14:39 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee I’m sorry, I got excited again.

14:41 – Hugh Ballou No, no, no, no, no, no. So take all those issues that we’re talking to our audience or nonprofit leaders and a few clergy. And we’re in a for-purpose type of business. It ain’t about the profit, but it’s everything that you talked about is really amplified because it’s a lot harder space to lead because you’re leading volunteers. Now, we can surround ourselves with especially the retired volunteers that are very high-functioning people. But we don’t take advantage of it. So in some sense, Jeff, we’ve imported some of this dysfunction from corporate America into our nonprofits thinking that’s the way it ought to be.

15:19 – Hugh Ballou So talk about in that sector where we depend on volunteers and donations and raising the bar on our skills. What are some of the challenges that you see in that sector?

15:32 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee The quantum growth we had in the first 10 presidents of this little experiment called the Republic of the United States of America. Quantified has been more significant than any other time in our history. If we peel that back and answer the question from 300 years ago, almost, we can answer the question to today. Number 1, no one was a full time political leader. They all had real lives and real jobs. That’s why they came together for basically 45 days in the middle of freaking winter in New York, because that was the epicenter.

16:02 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee And then it became Philadelphia and then it became DC. There’s your first clue. Number two, our educators were not little kids that graduated from college with an idealistic view of something, but have never actually done anything in their life. They had zero calluses on their hands, they have zero calluses on the brain, and that’s who we allow to be educators today. If you go back a couple hundred years ago, our educators were the elders in the community. The women and the men that were doing it, hadn’t done it, and had a freaking clue what they were talking about.

16:29 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee So, again, back to what you just said in terms of powerful retired people, maybe that’s our clue to go back to education. So, if we live in this country now, we’re one of the biggest expenses older people have, anyone has, is health care, because the Affordable Care Act under President Obama was exactly that, the Affordable Care Act. I have no freaking clue who, because before him, I was paying one hundred and thirty six dollars a month for my own insurance because I’m self-employed.

16:52 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee Today, I pay almost $1,000 a month for my own insurance because it’s the Affordable Care Act. If you had six people that couldn’t get freaking insurance because they’re medical freaks or had some sort of medical problem, How about the government just create a separate lane to take care of them instead of screwing up the entire industry? But that’s what happens when you have people with no calluses on their brains or hands making major decisions. So I just took something very powerful that we all live with today, a health care experience, and tied it back to 200 years ago with our leaders.

17:17 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee Now we bring it back to volunteers and leaders today. Maybe what we do is we say, if you’re going to teach math, science, history, et cetera, in K-12, and you never actually ever had a real job, that with all due respect, sorry, you need to hit pause and go get a real job and get a real life and then come back and teach. So all of you retired people, David, you’re a mathematician, you know math in the middle of the night, you’re great at this, you know what, why don’t we let you come back and be the math teacher and we’ll cover all of your health care benefits now and give you some extra pocket money now that you’re retired and we won’t tax it so this is just free money for you to have whatever the paycheck is and now what you have is you have people that want to educate because they want to make someone better and they actually understand what they’re talking about.

17:54 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee So, for example, as a journalist, I still remember Beverly Paulson, my journalism teacher at Baker University, phenomenal woman. She stood about four feet tall, chain-smoked cigarettes like she was a freaking factory. She wrote for the Miami Herald for about 9,000 years, but she was a great journalism teacher. And every afternoon, she kept camping her office, and like a zillion of us kids, panned in her office to learn from her. See, it’s back to your volunteer element. But she talked about, you’re a journalist, Jeffrey, that’s why you don’t have an opinion.

18:18 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee When you’re older, you can become the commentator, that’s why they’re all old people on TV. They give the commentary back in day because they had experience and wisdom. But as a journalist, if you’re going to write an article, you can’t quote a fact unless you have two other people that don’t know each other that can corroborate what you’re writing on. Today, we have journalists turn on any network you have. You have talk shows of journalists interviewing journalists. And if you look at the resumes, very few of them have a resume.

18:41 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee And so people consume misinformation from which they shape their brain to have views, and that’s why everything’s off the rails. So now back to your volunteer. So we need to tap into this phenomenal mental DNA of people. Now, there’s some whack jobs that are older and younger, so you need to have some sort of a vetting process. You don’t, in essence, put the wolf in charge of the hen house, as they say. So you want to have the right people. But we have great talent. The problem is we push them off the rails because we think this loud voice that’s yelling on the sidelines is a huge constituent, and it’s not.

19:13 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee I love it when the news talks about a major protest, and they zoom out, and they call it 100,000 people. No, it wasn’t 100,000 people. It might have been 20,000, and that’s a ton. But they call it thousands of people, and they zoom out, and it’s like eight people. So again, you don’t change an entire civilization to accommodate eight people on the sidelines. Assimilate or leave. But see no one has the guts to say those things that’s why everything’s off the rails. In business I tell people what are your core values as a business?

19:41 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee I’ve written a book on diversity. So I have some clues on what I’m talking about here. So again, you have a business. What are your core values? You should open that business up to anyone on the planet that wants to share in your values because their diversity is diversity of thought. Diversity of thought is diversity of success and greater conversations. But you don’t allow someone in your organization that’s going to challenge your value system and create, in essence, an implosion point so the entire organization ceases to exist.

20:06 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee Go find your own organization. See, that’s the other problem is that we don’t We don’t have these serious adult conversations. I’ve got a client, their value system is paid. Family, farming. They’re a $6 billion agricultural banking institution. That’s their value system. If you align with that, we’d love to interview you and you’d be a part of the organization. And I have made the comment many times, soon as you start hiring someone that doesn’t share that value system, hold on for the implosion of your business.

20:33 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee Because I can give you a rear view mirror of a ton of businesses that used to own the planet, and when they forgot their values, they ceased to exist every time.

20:41 – Hugh Ballou David, I didn’t save you much time for questions, but come on, you got something to lay on Jeff.

20:45 – David Dunworth Well, that’s quite all right. I’ve been sitting here enjoying it.

20:50 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee Thank you, sir.

20:51 – Hugh Ballou You’re quite welcome, sir.

20:53 – David Dunworth You know, we’ve come upon an age where everything is tilted in the wrong direction and as much as you have. And others.

21:05 – Hugh Ballou The passion.

21:07 – David Dunworth I’m sure out there in the world have the passion are still disjointed. How do we come together as a collective of let’s call ourselves intelligent people And, you know, make enough noise to get noticed to get something accomplished.

21:28 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee I had a client years ago that was a congressman. He later became not my friend. And one of the major pivots that caused that is how I’m going to answer your question. I was sitting in his office one day, and there was a bunch of people chanting outside and protesting. Doesn’t even matter the what. We talked about these people that protest. We have these people that took over the parks in New York City and different cities years ago, or they march on D.C. And et cetera. And he goes, here’s the problem.

22:01 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee The normal voter is too stupid to know what’s really going on. Point number one. Point number two, you know, once you learn to just tolerate the loud people, then you can have a phenomenal political career and you’ll never get unelected. So that was interesting. And I said, so let’s go a little deeper now. And he made the comment this way. So people protest. And they don’t understand you’re never going to create change. So David, to the point of, in essence, how do people with conviction get things back on the right rail?

22:33 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee Well, one is vote. Vote. There’s no way 81 million people came out of the woodwork and voted this time, mathematically more than in the history of our country, et cetera, et cetera, if they weren’t motivated to come out. Whether it’s a real number or not, I’m not even gonna debate it. So one, you gotta vote. So a lot of times people on the sideline are frustrated, but they don’t vote because the voice they hear is, my vote doesn’t count. Well, if your vote, if you hear that, David, and Hugh says that, and I say that, and the five of us don’t show up, and the other side wins by two points, guess what?

23:03 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee It’s our fault, not them. So one is vote. Two, be involved. Be involved. Don’t fight the person. I think a lot of people, I’m going to pat my heart. I think a lot of people are good people. They just have a lot of rhetoric and they have a lot of fiction in their head that they think is fact and logic. So we have to ask people questions, not to, again, I don’t want to offend you, Mr. Dunworth, but help me to understand what you just said. See, the question, give people to articulate and realize, wait a minute, they may start to articulate and realize that they have no freaking clue what they’re saying.

23:31 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee Third, here’s his punchline. He goes, if these 5000 people showed up in my front yard. My wife’s gonna call me, and I don’t care what the vote is I gotta make. I’m changing my vote to get 5,000 people out of my driveway. See, if you wanna create change, you gotta find where do people really live and what matters to them. Not hurt them, not offend them, not violate, but you gotta show up in the right place. Showing up outside your business building, who gives a crap? I show up in your neighborhood, it’s gonna be different.

24:01 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee I mean, your neighbors are gonna say something. You’re gonna say something. Now I’ve got your attention. So again, we don’t have someone’s attention. We don’t stand behind our convictions. We’re not following the virtuous pathway to success. And we are allowing the minority voice to derail anyone. And again, I’m not a white Republican. Don’t hear that. I’m not a white Democrat. Don’t hear that. I’m an independent. I’ve got great friends. I would vote for on both sides of the party line.

24:31 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee The problem is sometimes the party overtakes common sense, and then the party does something stupid, just like if you go down in any city in America. Three great young kids are standing outside of a house, and they probably were well-grown by their parents, and their school, and their church, and their neighborhood. But if you add the wrong kid into that mix, those three kids now are going to become rebellious. It’s going to be a party. It’s going to be out of control. There’s going to be destruction, and the cops have to show up.

24:58 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee And then we say all young kids are bad, and you’re not. See, again, we’ve got to hold the outlier accountable. I’ve got a bazillion miles on my plane. Anyone who thinks this country sucks, let me know. I’m more than happy to fly you one way. Pick a country. I’ll send you.

25:11 – Hugh Ballou After the clock is not our friend, we’ve ended that we’ve come to the end of our time. So if people want to find out about you, they can go to Jeffrey mcgee com I’m showing it for people that that are watching but people on the podcast aren’t seeing it what will people find when they go to Jeffrey McGee dot com.

25:31 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee Two elements right there, what says resources in top right? That’s probably your best have and go there. There’s tons of free articles. There’s a podcast. This podcast will be there very quickly. My own podcast are there. My books, my articles, magazine news and events. I do some public events throughout the course of people can come to their how I help is the button. I live in leadership and sales revenue those elements. And they also can go to my magazine, You’re My, our magazine, would be the second URL.

25:59 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee So for where I primarily live. Talent Development, if you’re a business leader, business owner, and you want to take your company to the next level, let’s talk. Beautiful.

26:08 – Hugh Ballou That’s great. Thank you for being our guest today on the Nonprofit Exchange.

26:15 – Dr. Jeffrey Magee Thank you very much, both of you gentlemen.

26:18 – David Dunworth Thank you very, very much. Looking forward to spending more time with you soon.

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