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Jan14, 2020

How to Raise Major Gifts for Annual and Capital Campaigns

January 14th, 2020|

All donors do not give equal amounts of money. Focusing on top donors will enable you to raise more money efficiently and effectively. In order to raise more money every year, leverage tools and techniques used in capital campaigns to raise major gifts for your annual fund.

Jan14, 2020

Nonprofits Partnering With the Community

January 14th, 2020|

Bishop Ebony Kirkland is the founder of the Worldwide Association of Small Churches and inspires church and community leaders all over the globe. She shares her leadership wisdom for all leaders.

Oct15, 2019

Leadership Skills that Get You Hired and Promoted

October 15th, 2019|

In this fun, enlightening, interactive, and entertaining conversation, you’ll explore what leadership means and gain new understanding of the mindset, skillset, and toolset required to lead a team that is sustainable and scalable.