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May17, 2021

The Danger of Echo Systems

May 17th, 2021|

With over 25 years of leadership, sales and performance development training, Dr. Joel Bryant’s expertise and experience brings a refreshing, enlightening and inspiring approach to developing a holistic understanding of self and groups within their personal and professional settings.

May7, 2021

Growing Your Nonprofit from the Customer Up

May 7th, 2021|

Your individual values should be well known to you. Your organization's values should be well known by all in your organization. Your mission should be who-centric. If you're stuck, most likely you've lost sight of your Who and/or how you're serving them, and what you're serving them is no longer something they want.

May1, 2021

What Happens To Youth Who Age Out Of Foster Care?

May 1st, 2021|

For the average teenager, these are normal milestones that symbolize becoming an independent adult. But for teens who have grown up in the foster system, this new stage of life means being thrown into the real world with few resources, few positive relationships, and even fewer hopes of “making it”.

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